Everything started at the start of 2010, when Theodore Koumartzis met Francesco Riotta (aka Sise Kolombali) in Spain. During the first attempts to improvise and to try to play together, they started instictively to mix rhythms and melodies of the Greek music genre named “Rembetiko” and acoustic reggae. The sweet sound of baglamas and the rhythmical acoustic guitar were the first instruments used in order to produce the first idea of “Reggetiko”. A year later in Sicily, they started to play again with each other and soon they found two “followers”. The first one was Nikos Papanikoloudis, playing ney and oud, who put some more “eastern” influences while Antonis Passias added some percussions, playing stamna, in order to complete these first jam sessions. The first song recorded was “Reggetiko” with “Sporos” following. It was then, when melodica and ukulele found their own space and the first use of “nature sounds” were added, so “Ale czemu” (meaning “But why?” in Polish) and “So(u)l” (from Soultana and a missing u for the absence) were recorded. “Welcome midi” was the first song produced within a computer, apart from the basic melody recorded with baglamas, and was the first one to fulfill this initial phase of the Reggetiko project. (along with a different version of “Green Sleeves” and the first approach to “La vuelta”). Here you can listen all the songs mentioned above: