After the first two lives of the group, two of the members had to move away from Thessaloniki(Nikos and Antonis) and Francesco went back to Sicily. It was then, that Sokrates Votskos met Reggetiko and added some totally new horizons at the project’s lives but also t0 the recordings. With an obvious jazz background, added a totally experimental (playing soprano sax, clarinete and duduk) approach to the content of songs like “Mikos kimatos” (wavelength  in english), “Raktivan” (name of a street in Thessaloniki, a song made by both Theo and Sise at the visit of the last one in Thessaloniki), “Ouridou” (means “i want” in arabic), “Stin gonia”(aka at the corner),”Koufitsa” (also a name of a street, in which the text and the voice of Charles Bukowski come to mix up with some hypnotic modules made by baglamas) and “Jamsoc” (dedicated to him, where charrango played by Theodore come to fill a totally unexpected jam session).